Fully automatic and forgery-proof: wrap container in foil

Uhlmann powered by pester pac automation: the new end-of-line packaging machines, with the competence and innovative strength of two of the world’s leading companies - pester pac automation and Uhlmann. How can you benefit from this collaboration? You will receive state-of-the-art packaging machines that reliably meet your high requirements - from handling of the packaging material to track-and-trace applications.

One model from the new portfolio combining pharmaceutical reliability, intelligent technology and ergonomics is the EW 60 full-wrapping machine.  It automatically packs individual and collective packs with heat-sealable film. This full seal ensures the highest level of protection against counterfeiting, and subsequent access to the products is immediately visible. A track-and-trace solution can be integrated for tracking the packs. User-friendly safety and easy handling are further advantages of the EW 60, as are comprehensive protection, monitoring and early warning devices for high process reliability and uninterrupted production.

The advantages:

  • Forgery-proof full sealing of the folding boxes
  • Pure flexibility for current and future packaging tasks, e.g. for processing multi-lane containers
  • Space-saving, compact machine layout with optimum operating comfort
  • Simple, reproducible format changeover in under 10 minutes
  • Intelligent machine control via SmartControl
  • GMP-compliant design for highest pharmaceutical safety
  • Servo-controlled, highly accurate film feeding
  • Prepared for the integration of Track & Trace by Uhlmann, a combination of software and hardware equipment for seamless tracking
  • Seamless integration into networked manufacturing processes

Overwrapper EW 60

Max. output 60 bundles/min.
Max. package size [A x B x H] 250 x 140 x 250 mm
Max. infeed capacity 500 cartons/min.
Max. folding box size [A x B x H] 150 x 80 x 250 mm


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