Efficient and highly automated: two packaging steps in one unit

We are pleased to present our new range of end-of-line packaging machines: “Uhlmann powered by pester pac automation”. The ECP 12 combines the recognized strength of two global leaders - Uhlmann Pac-Systeme and pester pac automation. This cooperation delivers state-of-the-art packaging machines to meet demanding customer requirements that range from packaging material handling to Track & Trace applications.  

The first “Uhlmann powered by pester pac automation” module is the ECP 12, an innovative solution for uninterrupted, automated end-of-line packaging combining a case packer with efficient side loading and a two-station palletizer. Maximum pharmaceutical reliability, intelligent technology, and ergonomics are combined for user-friendly safety and ease of use. A special feature of the ECP 12 is its large format range – from small to large cases. Two pallet stations allow a pallet changeover during ongoing operation, avoiding any line stops. The complete handling process is governed by innovative robot technology, ensuring low costs and maximum flexibility for new tasks over the entire service life of the machine. Also integrated into the new ECP 12 is Track & Trace by Uhlmann, a combination of software and hardware equipment for seamless tracking.


  • GMP-compliant design for maximum pharmaceutical reliability
  • Case handling, labeling, inspection, and palletizing in one system
  • Utmost flexibility for packaging jobs of today and tomorrow
  • Space-saving, compact design – easy to operate
  • Reliable case handling with innovative case magazine
  • Safe case transport using four servo-regulated timing belts with actuators
  • Unique product protection – identification, marking, and monitoring at every level
  • Intelligent SmartControl machine operation
  • Simple, reproducible format changeover in less than 10 minutes
  • Fully integrated Track & Trace by Uhlmann

Case packer:

Max. output 12 cases/min.
Max. case size [A x B x H] 600 x 400 x 400 mm
Max. infeed 500 cartons/min. / 60 bundles/min.

Palletizing module:

Max. output 6 pallets cycles/min.
Max. case size [A x B x H] 600 x 400 x 400 mm
Max. case weight 22 kg
Max. pallet height 1,300 mm


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