Containment Packaging - individual and efficient

Currently, more than 50 percent of all highly potent solid products are still packaged in clean rooms. However, the trend is clearly towards containment lines - worldwide and across all sectors. There are several reasons for this: the proportion of highly potent active ingredients continues to grow strongly and this requires even better protection for employees. In addition, official requirements are also increasing. Also, every year new, highly sensitive products are launched onto the market whose effectiveness suffers from environmental influences. There is also a trend towards smaller batches - firstly through very specific medicines in small runs, and secondly through the diversification of formats and package sizes for individual markets.

The advantages:

  • Operators work without special protective clothing and with regular breaks
  • No costly inward and outward transfer of personnel and material
  • Safe exclusion of cross-contamination
  • Less space required for the line
  • Significantly reduced effort for format change and cleaning
  • Faster return on investment, especially with frequent product changes
  • Future-proof solution thanks to greater line flexibility

Every containment solution involves two central factors: the reliable protection of operators from the active ingredients, and the reliable protection of the product from contamination from outside or from other active ingredients.

Uhlmann has summarized its expertise on the subject of containment in the white paper “Cost-Efficient Containment in Pharmaceutical Packaging”. The packaging specialists describe how containment measures can be effectively integrated into a packaging line, explaining how time and costs can be reduced as a result.

Download the white paper now!

Personal protection

How much dust develops? What effect does this dust have on the operator?

Various tests are used to classify the active substance and product in the OEL pyramid with the various Occupational Exposure Limits. The OELs define the level that the respective containment solution must have - from OEB 1 non-toxic up to 6 extremely toxic

Product protection

Sensitive products must be protected from humidity, temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and contamination until the blister is securely sealed.

In many cases, a containment concept is only required in terms of the operator or product. However, if drugs are highly active and highly sensitive, double containment is required. Here, too, Uhlmann's experts have the necessary experience to safely implement such demanding projects. In addition, our partners at Excellence United are at companies’ disposal for integrating upstream processes such as the pressing and tableting of the products into a consistent concept.


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