Pharmaceutically compliant and flexible: packaging tablets and capsules in bottles

Whether tablets, coated tablets, caplets, capsules, special shapes such as rhombus or octagonal, the IBC 150 efficiently packages a wide variety of solid dose products in bottles. All stations are perfectly linked in the monoblock machine. The packaging process is highly automated and centrally operated. The standard version includes a bottle infeed, tablet counter, capping unit, and bottle discharge. Optional components, such as a modular desiccant feeder for canisters or sachets, a checkweighing system, a wad feeder, or a tablet inspection system for maximum pharmaceutical reliability, can be integrated.


  • Format-free bottle transport for an uninterrupted product flow
  • Few format parts, fast format changeovers
  • Automated adjustment to a new bottle height
  • Scalable performance for added counting capacity or higher output, or a combination of both
  • Cremer infrared system for counting accuracy, no undercounts
  • Completely enclosed system for operator and product protection
  • Servo-regulated capping unit for all standard caps
  • Central, intuitive operation with the SmartControl operating system

Bottle line IBC 150:

Max. output: 150 bottles/min.
Max. counting speed: 24,000 products/min.
Bottle volume: 30 - 1,500 cc
Bottle diameter: 25 - 125 mm
Bottle height: 45 - 200 mm


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