Multifunctional modular design

Whether simple or complex product shapes, whether tablets, capsules, or hard or soft gelatin capsules: the SimTap feeder places a variety of solid dose product forms reliably and accurately in the formed pockets. The newly designed SimTap 4's basic module is dimensionally identical to that of the brush box feeder. As a result, the feeder is quickly and easily changed from one option to the other for even greater packaging flexibility. The brush box feeder needs no product-specific format parts and is the most cost-efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

Benefits of the SimTap feeder:

  • Easily visible and accessible for simple and fast cleaning
  • Sorting plate vibrated by maintenance-free servo drive
  • Use of SimTap 3 formats possible
  • Easy and fast changeover to brush box feeder
  • Universal application for different, even complex product shapes
  • Separate control and operating unit for use on every suitable blister machine

Benefits of the brush box feeder:

  • Cost-efficient feeding system using straightforward sweeping technology
  • Versatile feeder for many product shapes
  • Suitable for all thermoforming materials
  • Low-cost format parts
  • Fast changeover and cleaning of format parts


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