Convincing performance and maximum product protection

The Uhlmann feeding systems for parenteral products are both efficient and gentle. The servo-regulated LiPro feeder picks up vials, ampoules, cartridges, or bottles using vacuum suction cups and places them accurately in the blister pockets.

The innovative SyPro is perfectly designed to pick and place glass or plastic syringes. Controlled handling of the sensitive products is imperative. In the case of clamp-packs, a press-in station gently pushes the products into the final position in the blister.


  • Robot arm with flexible vacuum suction cups
  • Few, easy-to-change format parts
  • Gentle handling protects labels and avoids breakage
  • Automatic “run empty” function – eliminates manual product removal


High-end inspection from the individual product to the pallet

Do all your pens, which are placed manually in the BLU 200, have a unique code? An inline VisioRead camera verifies this in addition to the correct positioning and inclusion of all the components in each blister. Once verified, you know exactly which pen is in which blister and can track each one throughout the entire packaging process. Medical device tracking also ensures that only perfect blisters are transferred to the Cartoner C 200. Faulty or partially filled blisters are gently removed from the line. Seamless tracking is continued either inline in the Cartoner C 200 or using the S 500, and in the two components of the end-of-line packaging combination ECP 12. Through this process end-to-end inspection from the individual pen to the pallet is ensured. The Track & Trace database ensures safe data exchange with higher ranking systems.


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