High performance for solid product forms in large runs

Do you want to package high volumes of different solid product forms such as tablets, capsules and lozenges while ensuring high performance? In all common types of film? With optimum process reliability even for a containment solution, with the best possible protection ofpersons and products? Then a high-speed blister machine should be your first choice - for example the B 1660 with for up to 750, or the B 1880 for up to 1,300 blisters per minute. Either with rotary sealing for the production of standard blisters or with intermittent plate sealing for the processing of cover films and laminates as well as for calendar and sample packs.

The C 2305 and C 2504 continuous motion cartoners process up to 300 and 500 cartons per minute respectively, and consistently maintain the performance of the blister machines. Both models combine easy operation, quality and efficiency. All format-dependent stations can be automatically adjusted in a maximum of 15 minutes, and the product infeed can also be automatically adjusted to different stack heights.  

Our new end-of-line packers are ideally suited to integration across the board. The four models developed with pester pac automation consistently continue the performance of Uhlmann blister machines and cartoners.

The advantages:

  • Single, double and triple lane operation
  • Servo drive for precise embossing and perforating
  • Integrated direct transfer to the cartoner
  • Separate drive and operating concept in accordance with pharmaceutical regulations
  • Complete media supply in the machine frame
  • Sliding and locking mechanism of the doors for best accessibility
  • Central, intuitive operating system

Cartoner C 2305:

Max. output 300 cartons/min.
Max. folding box size [A x B x H] 105 mm x 105 mm x 155 mm
Max. blister stack height 100 mm
Closure types: tuck-in and hot melt closure

Cartoner C 2504:

Max. output 500 cartons/min.
Max. folding box size [A x B x H] 80 mm x 90 mm x 155 mm
Max. blister stack height 85 mm
Closure types: tuck-in and hot melt closure

Blister machine B 1880:

Max. output 1300 blisters/min.
Max. format range [feed x width ] 280 mm x 284 / 320* mm
Max. drawing depth 12 mm
*optional extension of the format range


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