Responding compactly and flexibly to dynamic markets

Proven technology, flexibility in the pharma-safe packaging of small, target group-specific runs of 10,000 to 70,000 packages? With strong performance for standard formats, large, rigid aluminium blisters and special solid forms?

Whether for the regular packaging of solid dose products or with individual containment in the blister machine: the BEC 300 blister line is your value-added machine in the compact class. The blister machine, cartoner and feeding system are networked to form a perfect unit. To adapt the line to your specifications, you can choose between different feeders and two cartoners – the C 2155 for up to 150 and the C 2305 for up to 300 cartons per minute. No matter which configuration you choose, your BEC 300 will ensure a consistently perfect packaging process.

The advantages:

  • Roller sealing for all types of foils and optimal blisters
  • Rotary carton feeder for the safe processing of different carton qualities
  • Simple, intuitive operation and fast, guided format part changes thanks to the SmartControl operating system
  • Prepared for all foil types, product shapes, folding boxes and leaflets; blister pockets up to 40 mm long and folding boxes up to 100 mm high 
  • Cladding concept with good ergonomics and optimal product and personal protection
  • Closure types: insert closure or tamper-evident closure with hot glue

Blister machine:

Max. output 300 blisters/min.
Max. format range [feed x width ] 200 x 145 mm
Max. drawing depth 12 mm

Cartoner C 2155 / 2305:

Max. output 150 / 300 folding boxes/min.
Max. folding box size [A x B x H] 115 x 100 x 170 mm / 105 x 105 x 155 mm
Max. number of blisters: 14
Max. blister stacking height 95 / 100 mm
Closure types: tuck-in and hot melt closure


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