Productive start: bottle unscrambling and cleaning

Whether round, oval, rectangular, or special shapes, the CBU 300 Bottle Unscrambler presented by Cremer Speciaalmachines handles all bulk goods with the same efficiency. It ensures a seamless transfer of the upright bottles to the filling and packaging process.


  • GMP-compliant design
  • Format-free unscrambling and transportation of plastic bottles
  • Belt system and pneumatic lifting arm with adjustable pressure
  • Blowing unit with filtered air and vacuum system for the removal of foreign particles
  • Recording of statistics: bottle counter, downtime, waiting and production times
  • Tool-free resetting to different formats
  • Reproducible settings for all adjustable components

Different formats:

Bottle diameter 25 to 150 mm
Bottle height 30 to 300 mm
Loading hopper capacity 680 liters
Max. output 300 bottles/min.


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