Innovative and integrated: the rejection of damaged tablets

Reduce waste by up to 99 percent when filling tablets into bottles: Uhlmann has developed an innovative individual tablet rejection system for the IBC 150 bottle line for this very purpose. The optional module checks the tablets already in the tablet counter, identifies damaged products and rejects them in a targeted manner – all while maintaining high production speeds. Only intact tablets enter the bottle. This means, for example, that only three tablets would have to be removed from the process rather than three completely filled bottles.


  • Reduction of waste by up to 99 percent
  • Product control already in place in the tablet counting system
  • Reliable identification and rejection of damaged tablets
  • Toolless assembly and disassembly of the ejection pipes
  • Seamless integration into the IBC 150 bottle line
  • Centralised, intuitive operation via SmartControl machine HMI


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